International Sakharov Environmental Institute of Belarusian State University

Valeriy Dunay

Valeriy Dunay is the PhD in Biology, Associate Professor.

Valeriy Dunay was born in 1970 in Slutsk, Minsk region. In 1989, he graduated from the Slutsk Medical College with qualification «medical assistant». In 1995 he graduated the Belarussian State University with qualification «biologist, teacher of biology and chemistry». In 1989 he began to work as the head of the health center of the Minsk Automobile Plant. Since 1995 he worked as an associate professor assistant, then as the head of the Chair of Human Ecology at the Belarussian State University. Since 2013 he became the rector of the International Sakharov Environmental University.

Valeriy Dunay is the specialist in the field of brain morphology, perinatal ontogeny and thermoregulation.

He is the author of more than 100 publications, 2 scientific monographs, 18 educational-methodical works including 4 lecture courses, 8 manuals and workshop with the classified by the Ministry of Education.

Major works: Dunay V.I. Formation of thermoregulation in ontogenesis: participation of nitrogen monoxide / V.I. Dunay. – Minsk: BSU, 2005 – 79 p; Dunay V.I . Phylogeny and ontogeny of NO-ergic brain system / V.I. Dunay. – Minsk: BSU, 2007. – 175 p.; Dunay V.I. the 1st medical aid to the population in emergency situations: textbook / V.I. Dunay, V.V. Klimovich and others. – Minsk.: BSU, 2011. – 206 p.