International Sakharov Environmental Institute of Belarusian State University


Alexander Miljutin was born August 2, 1950 n the village Svesa Yampolsky district, Sumy region. Father is Russian, mother is Belarussian, a native of Gomel region.

In 1972 he graduated from the Belarussian State University, Faculty of Biology. Defended his PhD thesis on specialty «biochemistry» in 1978. In 1979 Аlexander Miljutin and Nagy (US) simultaneously has been proposed membrane hypothesis of aging.

In 1992 he defended DSc thesis on the specialty «biochemistry”.
Until 1994 he was the head of the experimental activities of the Institute of Radiobiology of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus.

Since January 1994 Аlexander Milyutin worked at the International Sakharov College of Radioecology. Due to his initiative and personal involvement on October 20, 1994 the college was reorganized into the International Sakharov Institute of Radioecology where it was created the Department of   Radiobiology and Environmental Medicine. Since September 10, 1997 Аlexander Miljutin acting as the rector of ISIR, since March 19, 1998 became the rector of ISIR and in July 1999 – the 1st rector of the International Sakharov Environmental University.

In order to train the specialists in the field of pathobiology, molecular epidemiology and laboratory medicine Аlexander Miljutin together with the stuff of the Faculty of Environmental Medicine developed and grounded the opening of new specialties “Radiobiology and Radiation Medicine” (1995), «Medical-Biological Work» (2001), «Medical Ecology» (2001). In ISEU Аlexander Miljutin gave lectures on the natural science courses «Molecular and Cellular Radiobiology», «Molecular Medicine», carried out the scientific management of the post-graduate students.

Аlexander Miljutin was the member of the International Environmental Academy and Balcan Academy of Sciences, full member of the World Medicine Academy, the honor member of the Polish Academy of Medicine, the laureate of the Schweitzer Gold Star, laureate of A.G. Nebolsina Prize.

Аlexander Miljutin is the author of 150 scientific publications, 2 inventions, 3 monographs.
Alexander Miljutin passed away on October 14, 2002.