International Sakharov Environmental Institute of Belarusian State University

Alexander Ljutsko

Alexander Ljutsko was born on January 23, 1941 in the village Chizhevichi, Soligorski district, Minsk region.

In 1963 year after graduating the Faculty of Physics of the Belarussian State University he worked at the Scientific Research Institute of Oncology and Medical Radiology. Teaching career began at the Chair of Nuclear Physics, BSU.

From 1978 to 1987 years he was the head of laboratory of instrumentation and methods of radioisotope study of Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry.
In 1990 year he published a book for the general reader «Background of Chernobyl», where in a popular form talked about radioactivity and its effects on the human body.

Alexander Ljutsko was the first one who raised the question of the need to prepare the specialists of radioecological profile   in the Republic. The idea is reflected in the decisions of the 1st Memory Congress of Andrey Sakharov in 1991 and was supported by the UNO.

January 20, 1992 by the Decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus it was opened the International Sakharov College of Radioecology under Belarussian State University. Alexander Ljutsko was appointed as a rector.

Alexander Ljutsko was elected a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, was the member of the National Commission on Radiation Defense, he was a member of a number of authoritative international organizations, he was promoted to Associate Professor of Soros and — the first in the Republic of Belarus — the academic title of professor on the specialty “Ecology”.

Alexander Ljutsko is the author of 69 published works including 2 monographs, 4 textbooks for secondary schools on radiation safety. Due to his initiative and under his leadership it was developed a concept of radioecological education in the Republic of Belarus.

September 4, 1997 Alexander’s life was cut short prematurely.