International Sakharov Environmental Institute of Belarusian State University

New Master’s degree specialty «Applied Immunology»

Starting 2017/2018 academic year ISEI BSU launches a new Master’s degree specialty “Applied Immunology”.

Term of study: 1.5 years. Correspondence form is available.

Applied immunology is a separate branch of immunology, a biomedical science that studies the reactions of organism to foreign structures (antigens): the mechanisms of these reactions, their manifestations, course, and outcome in the norm and pathology, and develops research and treatment methods.

The professional activity of Masters in Applied Immunology is connected with the following directions:
— human and animal immune system;
— environmental factors of immunotropic action;
— immunological equipment and modern methods of immunological research;
— analysis and interpretation of immunological results.

Dear students! You can apply for this specialty during the whole year!
If you have questions regarding our education programs or admission process, please contact us via e-mails or call +375 17 398 99 48.